MVP Elaine King Fission Photon-162g

MVP Elaine King Fission Photon-162g

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Flight Numbers: 11/5/-1.5/2.5

MVP is proud to announce the first MVP Signature Series Disc; the 5x World Champion Elaine King Fission Photon! Fission plastic pushes the bounds of GYRO® Technology with grippy ultra lightweight cores and durable weighted rims. The stock stamped disc now displays Elaine King’s signature above the traditional information in an MVP classic matte black style. The Fission Photon has been in Elaine King’s bag since joining Team MVP in 2018 as her go-to distance driver. The release of the Signature Series disc marks the beginning of a new era for Team MVP. A portion of each sale will benefit Elaine King and her touring efforts.

Fission™ Microbubble Technology produces an ultralight core with evenly distributed and imperceptible weight reduction microbubbles. The ultralight core allows an even higher GYRO™ overmold density relative to the core, yet still remaining in the lighter weight classes — 135g to 165g.